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Deqiu Garden Business Center, located in Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, is an integration of commercial, accommodation, entertainment and art activities. Aiming at satisfying every customer, it distinguishes itself by offering excellent service with considerateness.
Made up of two clubs, four serving departments, five art chambers and a miniature garden factory, the center hosts frequent gatherings on business and art, offering opportunities to show and develop talents of both enterprisers and artists.
Covering 45,000 square meters, Deqiu Garden exhibits harmoniousness of gardening and scenery. Making people feel so close to the nature, it also comprises rural buildings of different culture and styles, letting people enjoy what they cant get at work.
For commercial activities, different kinds of business buildings, especially the newly-built six-storey principal office building, which is up to four-star standard, and many separate office buildings of villa style, dot in the center. Including deluxe suites, standard suites, a multimedia conference hall, gardened bars, restaurants providing both Chinese and western food, a multi-functional gymnasium, artwork showrooms, etc., the business area in the center helps its honored guests work and rest easily and freely, upon strong support by its Sales, Restaurant, Accommodation and Entertainment Departments.
For artworks exhibition, five art chambers on handwriting, carving, Chinese painting, oil-painting and sculpturing, and a miniature garden factory, attract a lot of talents from all over the country. The center encourages originality and creativity by sound and humanistic management.
Deqiu Garden Business Center, where people lead a life of ease, is one of the best working and residential choices for wisdom in and coming to Shanghai.

Address: No. 788 Shenfu Road, Xinzhuang Industrial Zone, Shanghai
Postcode: 201108
Tel: 021-54426629,ext.: 1004, Fax: 021-54427170

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